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We provide a wide range of high end products and cater to your data needs with passion.

Everyone in our team, each has more than 20 years of experience in their field: building operations, agriculture, sensors and data collection as well as software development

We collect and visualize big data. In our home market, we mainly make smart buildings. In agriculture, we have customers in more than 30 countries around the world

We have the most professional business partners, we want our customers to choose us when they want to be sure to get the best products

Software as a Service (SaaS), where you do not have to think about hardware and maintenance.

With SaaS, you do not have to worry about capacity and software updates.

It is built on the Microsoft .NET platform and uses Microsoft SQL.

The solution runs on Microsoft Windows Azure, which helps ensure uptime, and easy updating and roll-out of new functionality.

Through our unique service bus, data collection is easy across geography / firewalls and switching ISPs.


You know the price of our services.

You can freely choose services on and off, and tailor the tool from location to location

We always take the phone and help you when you call without charge.

We help with advice and guidance for solutions and have the sharpest consultants seated to help you.

Ongoing product updates are included.

No binding, and data is yours and should not be redeemed.

Full API access to data so they can be used on their own.


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Through service agreements, all components, control and regulation, alarms, energy consumption, temperatures and assignments are checked. All of our service customers are prioritized customers in case of acute events.

Hareskovvej 17i, 4400 Kalundborg

Phone: (0045) 605 32 912


Once the returns policy has been met, we'll offer an exchange or refund on the spot.

24 / 7 SUPPORT

Our support center is a 24-hour specialist by professionals all year round.


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